BizLink rapid prototyping gets medical devices to market quickly

After experiencing cable failures and delays in equipment manufacturing, BizLink’s engineering team provides a solution to keep this manufacturer on track.

Kitchener – A biomedical OEM start up developing new DNA sequencing machines approached BizLink to discuss needs they had in designing a flexible cable assembly for robotic motion inside their machines.  They wanted to replace several round cables and tubes, that were currently being used inside of a traditional cable track.  The track caused a slowdown-drag on the system, so they asked us to help them come up with a trackless design, looking for first prototypes by early summer.

After several development calls between our engineering team and the customers team, our engineering group developed a design that fit within the space constraints that the customer had to work with. This was developed mostly from in stock FST sleeves and components, to assist with timing and to minimize excess waste from building new cables.  Our solution was a complete, two-layered FST assembly which included copper components, tubes, and custom clamps.

Customization for optimal results

BizLink had cable components in stock for prototyping and testing.  BizLink reviewed in detail and came up with working protoypes quickly to support the customers development timeline. The FST sleeves also provide the benefit of being Class 1 cleanroom ready, which is very valuable in the biomedical field.

This customer has received the right custom cable solution for their demanding application optimizing the overall functionality of their equipment.  This has resulted in several follow up orders and the customer looks forward to continuing development on this product with BizLink as the business grows for many years to come.