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Your partner for system solutions - yesterday, today and tomorrow.


We effectively connect functions for
better images, more movability, less weight and more patient comfort.

We have been assisting in the development of ever newer medical devices for more than 40 years and provide the right connection to optimize the desired properties. We convey your ideas into the world of cabling and create reliable nervous systems that bring your innovations to life.

We make targeted use of expertise for
maximum safety, efficient treatments and accurate patient positioning.

With perfectly matched software and hardware components, our healthcare robotics solutions make radiation therapy safer, more efficient and more user-friendly. Our intuitively operable ORION system demonstrates the kind of innovative solutions with which we can support our customers when we combine our knowledge of medical technology applications with our many years of industrial robotics experience.

We appreciably translate our know-how into
partnership-like collaboration, lasting quality and worldwide availability.

As system partners, we will work with you in a development-supporting role and create the best connection for you based on your custom specifications. We will supply you with proven BizLink quality and flexible logistics concepts from 5 production locations in five different time zones.

Connect your medical device with our expertise!

Our Quality Management

Consistent high quality output worldwide

The outstanding quality and reliability of our products and solutions are what makes our name a brand. With these attributes we are setting standards across the global market. The certification of our quality management systems is rigorously documented. Along with continual improvement, we specifically focus on our product and process quality as well as responding promptly to customer and market demands as corner-stones of our quality policy. For, after all, it is our customers who set our quality targets.

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Our Environment & Energy Management

Sustainable for the world of tomorrow

We do not regard financial success and environmental responsibility as a contradiction in terms. That’s why protecting the environment is an intrinsic element of our corporate activities. Our DIN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system enables us to ensure that our environmental policy is effectively implemented.

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Our production technologies in cable assembly:

Our extensive expertise, the training and qualifications of our employees and the equipment installed at our production facilities worldwide enable us to offer different joining techniques for the secure assembly of our cables:

  • Cutting, including stripping, as well as in-phase cutting and laser stripping
  • Crimping
  • Soldering, including induction, reflow and hot bar soldering
  • Cutting/clamping
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Casting using hotmelt technology
  • Encapsulation using injection moulding technology
  • Assembly of optical silica fibers, glass fibers, plastic fibers, plastic-coated fibers and fiber bundles
  • Assembly of high-voltage cables
  • Moulding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

Our production technologies in cable production:

The structure, shielding and materials used are of decisive importance for the mechanical and electric properties of a cable. Our extensive fleet of machines in our worldwide production facilities enable the production of a broad range of production processes for finishing our cables. As well as small external diameters, the requirements of your application are also taken into account.

In addition to

  • the extrusion of all thermoplastic extrudable plastics and special materials developed in our own materials research facility,
  • stranding with a defined slope and position of the wires,
  • wrapping with different shielding materials,


  • wire spinning with spiral-shaped wires and wires installed in parallel and
  • braiding to ensure precisely defined solidity

we also offer special shielding, foaming and wrapping technologies:

Our research & development

The development of new materials, production processes and products is a permanent objective of our research and development. The impetus here is often provided by our customers’ current requirements. Our research and development areas enable us to help you continuously to optimise your products:

Materials research

In addition to a wide range of standard materials for conductor insulation and cable jackets, we also offer combined or new special materials, developed in our own materials research facility. The aim of our continuous research is to make it possible to unite the sometimes contradictory material properties in standard materials, thereby continuously optimising both our own products and those of our customers.


We already produce and assemble a large selection of miniature cables for medical applications that place extreme demands on the level of miniaturization, movement stress and maximum signal integrity. In response to the continuing trend towards increasingly smaller medical devices and systems and in an effort actively to develop these from the supplier side, we also continue with our research work in the area of miniaturization.

Germ-killing plastic surfaces

Gaps in hygiene in hospitals and other medical facilities often lead to an increased risk of infection. We aim to reduce these gaps with our innovative, antimicrobial cables. The cable’s jacket contains a special metal oxide that releases acid ions onto the cable’s surface to lower its pH level – in a very similar way to the way in which the skin’s acid protective layer works. The cell functions of the bacteria are disrupted and they die off. The decisive benefit offered by our process is that the antimicrobial effect is not reduced through use. Our antimicrobial cables are used in x-ray, mammography, MRT and CRD devices as well as for dental equipment.

Silicone cable extrusion

Silicone is an ideal material for medical-technology applications in near-patient use. Almoust no other plastic as a cable jacket offers comparable advantages for medical users and patients: extreme flexibility in all directions, skin tolerance, biocompatibility and autoclavability with temperature resistance of up to 143 °C. Only its stick-slip effect leads to unwanted adhesion, for instance on patients’ skin or operating tables, and calls for special production methods to minimise this effect. Our patent-pending extrusion method equips silicone cable surfaces with better gliding properties without compromising the material’s other beneficial characteristics.

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