Standardized and special copper cables that empower your device's benefits

Coaxial & high-frequency cables

Excellent medical image transmission with coaxial cables

Our standardized and customized coaxial, multicoaxial and high-frequency cables are characterized by their small dimensions and can transmit data and signals in various frequency ranges without interference, even in mobile applications.

They have excellent electromagnetic shielding and feature a uniform foaming of the dielectric. One of our specialities is our unique skin-foam-skin extrusion.

Data cables

Tough Cat 5, 6 and 7 cables to reliably transmit crucial data

We can provide standardized and customized data cables for your specific application. Thanks to optimized cable structures, uniform foaming of wire jackets and excellent electromagnetic shielding, our data cables can be relied on to transmit high data rates over short and long distances – even in highly mobile installations.


    Measurement & control cables

    Non-sensitive measuring cables for sensitive medical measurements

    We provide standardized and customized individual measurement and control cables for your specific applications that are secured against external interference factors through efficient shielding and insulation. 


    Last, but not least, we offer an extensive range of wires and strands for signal transmission in medical devices. They are available in different material and color versions, as well as different sizes – just suitable to any medical application or special customer request.


      Our standardized and special cables can be tailored to your individual needs.

      Let us know, which properties you need:

      • low noise, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and antimagnetic shielding
      • high-voltage capability
      • high flexibility, resistance to abrasion, flexion and torsion, or drag chain use capability
      • resistance to tensile and compression forces
      • light weight and compact design
      • resistance to oil and chemicals
      • wipe-clean disinfectibility or sterizability
      • skin-friendliness and biocompatibility according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993
      • UL- and CSA-certification

      Our standardized & special copper cables offer significant advantages in many medical applications