Cable Solutions for MRI Systems

Extensive interconnections for MRI scanners, peripheral devices, molecular imaging devices such as PET-MRI, and more

closed-bore, wide-bore & open • high & low-field • dedicated • functional fMRI • molecular PET-MRI

We supply OEM proven engineering cable solutions for MRI scanners, positioning systems, switchboard units, technical rooms, supervising and monitoring modules, as well as other medical or telemedical MRI system components around the globe.

Explore our All-in-one Interconnect Solutions for MRI

System Supply Range for MRI

  • Global supply chain and variant management of cable system components throughout the entire MRI system life cycle
  • Cable routing and optimized cable management design solutions
  • Assembly and optional cable design according to individual specifications
  • System verification with dynamical testing
  • Individual moldings for demanding hygienical and high-stress mechanical solutions
  • Supply of ready-to-install cable sets for complete MRI systems or modules

Cat 5/6/7 Ethernet cables

Coaxial cables

Coaxial pulse cables

Coaxial pulse cables

Cold head control cables

Fiber optic cables

Grounding cables

Hall sensor control cables

Monitoring control cables

PET-braided tube control cables

Power cables

Trigger control cables

Optic-electrical USB extension cable

Phase cables

Fiber optic patch cords

Drag chain cables

Our main cable types to boost MRI systems

Custom multicoaxial MRI coil cable

Multicoaxial & extra thin MRI coil cable

BizLink custom MRI coil cables

  • Connecting coils and MRI scanner
  • Transmitting RF signals, and additionally power or whatever you need
  • Integrating coaxial elements & can integrate further copper, fiber & tube elements
  • UL-approved
  • Available as bulk cable, assembly or part of BizLink MRI system solution

More fits in our cables than you think.

Challenge us!

Robust power cables

Flexible fiber optic cables

Antimagnetically shielded coaxial cables

Tensile strong monitoring control cables

Torsionable control cables

Trailable control cables

Crush-resistant foot switch cables

Omni-stressable signal cables

BizLink tough MRI cables 

  • Connecting internal MRI system components, as well as the network behind
  • Transmitting RF signals & data, as well as power for MRI image detection or to adjust and control system settings without electromagnetic interferrences in strong magnetic field
  • UL-approved
  • Available in many configurations with higher electrical, thermal & mechanical requirements
  • Available as bulk cables, assembly or part of BizLink MRI system solution, e.g. cable set, drag chain unit or electronic subsystem

Coaxial MRI body coil cables

Tensile strong & optionally antimicrobial hand switch cables

Tensile strong monitoring control cables

BizLink clean MRI cables

  • Connecting dedicated coils, infusion pumps or peripheral devices with the MRI system
  • Transmitting data, RF signals & power to and from external units
  • Available in many configurations with higher electrical, thermal & mechanical, as well as hygienic & biocompatibility requirements
  • Available as bulk cable or assembly with moulded plugs, grommets & y-splitters

Bendable power cables

Bendable Cat 5/6/7 Ethernet cables

BizLink basic MRI cables

  • For applications with moderate bending or temperature requirements, e.g. switchboard or control units
  • Usually UL-approved
  • Available in many configurations with moderate electrical, thermal & mechanical requirements
  • Available as bulk cables, assembly or part of BizLink MRI system solution, e.g. cable sets, harnesses or electronic modules


Flyer, Cable Systems for Medical Technology Imaging, Medical specialties,

Flyer, Cables for Medical Technology Imaging, Medical specialties,

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