Consulting, engineering & design

We will find you the best connection

It is our business to connect. Quality is our brand. Our system solutions comprise the detailed planning and efficient design of our products. We offer you this know-how during the development phase of your medical devices and systems. 

Do involve us at an early stage and we will advise you on the choice of suitable raw materials, bulk cable, connectors or connection technologies to match particular product properties and standards. Or let us plan the cable routing for your device in 3D or in prototypes. Our analysis of individual movement sequences, identification of critical points and transposing the findings into the cable system’s design can extend the longevity of your imaging device.  Our know-how in the selection and processing of numerous materials can make your medical systems better to disinfect or sterilize. 

We provide development-supporting advice and consider design-to-cost (DTC) measures within the parameters of the defined specifications and with respect to effective installation, servicing and maintenance of your devices. 



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