Space-saving medical elocab miniature cables and systems

We develop and manufacture individual elocab miniature cables for medical applications that place high demands on the level of miniaturization. Using a special ePTFE wrapping technology our elocab miniature cables offer excellent data and signal transmission allied to extreme mechanical robustness. Miniaturized individual coaxial cables can be produced with a diameter up to 0.3 mm and are produced under cleanroom conditions.

Our elocab miniature cables are developed in accordance with your requirements and can also be purchased as ready-to-connect system solutions if required.

Our elocab miniature cable offer smallest dimensions and a big variety of possible features.

  • extremely lightweight and space-saving design
  • low noise and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • low attenuation and constant impedance
  • high flexibility
  • resistance to oil and/or chemicals
  • wipe-clean disinfectibility and/or sterizability
  • skin-friendliness and biocompatibility according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993 (Medical Grade Material)
  • UL- and CSA- approval or certification

Our elocab miniature cables offer significant advantages in many medical applications