Cable subsystems

Ready-to-install cable solutions for healthcare

Our cable routing systems for medical devices integrate a wide variety of functions in the most intelligent way: Adjustable length dresspacks carried in tubes or housings ensure excellent flexibility and sterility for robots or carrier arm cabling.

Ready-assembled drag chains ensure that motorised travelling units remain fully functional for long periods. The stability of our drag chain cables is demonstrated by the simulated extreme continuous stress tests in our extended drag chain test center.

If you wish, we can also even collaborate with you in the development phase of your product. We provide consultation and analysis at local level, develop and design optimum cabling and supply prototypes. We are also at your service when it comes to individual tests and integration tests, as well as customer-specific logistics solutions.

    How you benefit:

    • A single development and system partner with a product value chain that is unique in the cable industry: the alternative usage of a multifunctional BizLink hybrid cables or an extremely flexible BizLink flat cable in a highly mobile application is under investigation
    • A reliable, long-lasting and sterile connection for your product functions routed through tubes or housings with length adjustment or drag chain setup for various travel speeds and frequencies
    • Compliance with VDE standards, AWM styles and UL-approved components
    • Fast, simple and secure installation and long-lasting functioning thanks to connection-ready cable routing systems 
    • Reduced installation volume and weight
    • Fast availability of small, medium and large batches

    Our cable subsystems offer significant benefits in many medical applications



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