Approved reliability

where every detail counts 

Our high quality skills enable us to set worldwide standards in the market. The certification of our quality management systems is thoroughly documented. In addition to continuous improvements to our product and process quality, rapid reaction to customer and market demands is one of the key pillars of our quality policy. After all, in the final analysis, it is our customers who set our quality targets.

A consistently high standard of quality is essential for our products. Our entire process, from the planning to the completion of a product, is subject to permanent monitoring.

Our quality management system is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and in certain cases according to DIN EN 9100:2009 and is continuously monitored. For the production and sale of products for the North American market we can also avail of over 700 different UL styles.

Numerous quality tests in production, enable us to ensure the quality of our cables and cable systems. In order to prove the long service life of our products in moving applications, they are tested in our drag chain test centre in continuous tests.

In-line testing production

Securing product quality … in cable assembly:

All cable systems leaving our production are first subjected to a 100 % test. We also implement individual testing and measurement methods.

Micrograph laboratory (metallography):

Micrograph testing with subsequent documentation, archiving of the crimp results at the customer’s request; software-aided micrograph production and analysis function with information about degree of compression, crimp height, surface/ cross-section calculation

Measuring facilities for plastic and glass fiber optical waveguides:

Checking for compliance with attenuation values, end face tests, passage measurement

Tensile stress test:

Like the micrograph test, this is also a destructive test in which the extension force at which the cable detaches from the crimp connection is determined and documented prior to starting actual work.

Final inspection:

Visual check for obvious defects, assignment and engagement test, electrical check for end-to-end connection (network test), insulation, dielectric test, four-terminal measurement at the customer’s request, leak test for tubing

Securing product quality ... in cable production:

Our cables sold in continuous lengths are produced according to stringent quality standards and are tested extensively both in production and in final inspection. 

Different cable properties are generally tested in spot-checks according to standards or on the basis the customer’s wishes, for example:

  • wall thickness
  • diameter
  • eccentricity of the conductor
  • adherence and stripping properties
  • abrasion
  • Resistance to extreme cold or heat
  • shearing and tensile stress
  • bending resistance
  • compression resistance
  • flexibility
  • flammability
  • resistance to oil, chemicals and other media

Mechanical/thermal testing

Ensuring long-lasting mobility

We are always investing in our device equipment in order to cater to the needs of our customers. The long-lasting mobility of our cables and cable systems is tested in various processes in order to prove their long service life.

Drag chain tests

Our test routes have different travel ranges, accelerations and travel speeds. Each test system can test up to 40 cables over the equivalent of several years. The longest drag chain measures 50 m.

Torsion tests

In different torsion and torsional bending machines, the cables are tested for twisting and traction around their own axes. They are subjected to a torsional movement of up to +/– 120° per meter.

Flexional tests

In test systems with different angles, a test is performed to see whether the cable will withstand frequent directional changes. The rollers used have a diameter of 50 to 150 mm.

Customer-specific functional tests

In customer-specific models of examination tables or devices, the different movements that our cables need to withstand during use are simulated.

High frequency testing

Ensuring high transmission standards

In order to test and verify the performance parameters of our high speed cables and cable systems, they are subjected to rigorous tests in our own high speed laboratory

Measurements such as insertion and return loss, mode conversion, skew, time delay, etc. of up to 50 GHz are possible.

In order to achieve highly precise measurement values, we use our own, specially-developed, low-loss test fixtures that are adapted to suit the transmission properties.