Laboratory Diagnostics

Cloesup on medical laboratory equipment units with cables highlighted inside the devices

Cable solutions for medical laboratory automation or devices

From conventional systems in the medical and technical dental laboratory to systems for bedside tests and home tests in Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT), greater automation in laboratory technology makes intelligent cabling for portable and mobile systems increasingly necessary. The assurance of extreme safety and hygiene is a key requirement for the use of all components.

As a system provider of cables and cable systems, we can offer you support with the development of your electronic measuring device, laboratory robot or automation solution and offer you reliable, space-saving and lightweight connections that also satisfy cleanroom requirements.

How you benefit

  • Reliable programming and control
  • Long-lasting mobility and function
  • Efficient sterilizability
  • Weight reduction
  • Modular expansion and secure networking for optimum data management

Our products for laboratory equipment

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