Patient positioning system

Precision patient positioning system

Synchronicity with six degrees of freedom

Having been in close contact with oncology treatment centers and radiotherapy integrators for the past years, we have identified that this broad experience, as well as highly reliable and proven industrial products and solutions, should be combined to create a new paradigm in patient positioning for the medical industry. We have therefore developed a new standard in radiotherapy robotics: our ORION patient positioning system.

✓ FDA cleared     ✓ CE marked

FDA clearance received for the USA and EC Declaration of Conformity procedure successfully completed.

Our ORION system is fully designed to fulfil medical needs. The clinical value of ORION is the intuitively operable system solution that perfectly links all hardware and software components. The ORION robot is able to grab the patient couch in any place by the use of a tool changing system. This, in combination with our cobotics technology, i.e. the manual guidance of the therapist translating to movement of the robot for easy positioning of the patient, creates an unprecedented new standard in radiotherapy treatment.

It provides multiple benefits, all targeting quick and precise treatment: It offers dynamic positioning control in six degrees of freedom with sub-millimetre accuracy. The system decreases the per patient treatment cycle time by offering the possibility of preparing the patient outside the treatment room through the tool changer. Moreover, it features a high patient weight capacity and installs quickly and easily in new and existing proton therapy centers. We can easily exchange existing but low-performing patient positioning systems of other brands. ORION is flexible and easy to use, which allows clinical staffs to provide the greatest level of patient care.



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