Disposable cables

Individual disposable and limited-use cable solutions for medical applications.

Our fast, numerous, consistent and efficient supply of medical cables.

Disposable cables fulfill an important task by supporting the detection and treatment of diseases, as well as patient monitoring. Their functional design is as versatile as any medical application. But they all must work 100% under demanding conditions of use.

We guide you through your challenge of getting a medical cable - fast, in high quantities, constant quality and with competitive price. Let us show you how we create accurate and reliable disposable cable solutions suiting your individual needs in demanding medical applications.

Decades of experience and state-of-the art equipment enable us to fast define your perfect disposable medical solution with possible integration of media tubing, as well as electrical, mechanical, electrotechnical, optical components, and safely assembled with the specified termination.

We can additionally embed the suitable grommet, y-splitter, plug and PCB molding into your medical cable.

Rapid Prototyping guarantees fast availability of functional models.

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Our global network of internal and external suppliers guarantees fast availability of disposable cable components and services.

Our technology pool in cabling and our reliable supply chain let us make special procedures the new standard again and again to offer you small, medium and large medical cable batches.

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As a system engineering partner, we can either manufacture your disposable solution from specification or start a project on scratch.

Once the process is adopted, we consequently monitor our procedures including in-line, as well as electrical and mechanical final testing. Additional traceability of medical cable batches assures that every piece produced matches its individual specifications.

Our custom single- or limited-use cables resist electrical and mechanical interferences, conform hygenical and biocompatibility regulations and comply AWM styles and UL-approved components.

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We have numerous in-house capabilities for development, manufacturing and testing of disposable medical cables, as well as a global network for components, technology supply and assembly services. Constant further development of our ressources worldwide is part of our corporate culture.

Therefore, we are able to efficiently implement complex processes and manufacture custom disposable solutions with competitive prices.

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Our disposable medical cable offer comprises

BizLink Healthcare key figures

  • Over 40 years experience resulting in > 40,000 medical cable constructions completed
  • 5 locations with ~ 600 employees worldwide & 1 construction data base
  • 99% delivery reliability with SCM of > 15,000 raw materials and > 3,000 customer products
  • 700 different UL-Styles available

Our disposable cables offer significant benefits in many medical applications



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