Cable harnesses & systems

Medical cable systems – development, production and services

Our cable harnesses and systems for medical devices integrate a wide variety of functions: as well as energy supply and control, they also transmit light and data up to including so-called assist functions, such as the cooling of device components.

If you wish, we can provide wiring services for your product and can even collaborate with you in its development phase. We provide consultation and analysis at local level, develop and design optimum cabling and supply prototypes. We are also at your service when it comes to individual tests and integration tests, as well as customer-specific logistics solutions.

    How you benefit:

    • A single development and system partner with a product value chain that is unique to the cable industry
    • Reliable and long-lasting connection of your product functions in line with electrical and mechanical interference, compliance with VDE standards, AWM styles and UL-approved components
    • Fast, simple and secure installation thanks to connection-ready cable harnesses and systems with connectors that cannot be confused and fixed cable laying points
    • Reduced installation volume and weight
    • Possible integration of media tubing and reserve elements, as well as electrical, mechanical, electrotechnical, mechatronic and optical components, as well as handling of module assembly 
    • Fast availability of small, medium and large batches

    Our medical harnesses & cable sytems can help to improve your device's functions in many applications



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