elocab endoscopy cables

Safe endoscopy cables to transmit brilliant images of the inside

In endoscopy, excellent image resolution makes safe diagnosis or treatment easier. Our endoscopy cables and systems are durable and electromagnetically compatible transmission channels for high-resolution images from inside the body.  Apart from complete cable systems for endoscopy applications, we also develop and produce customized components: copper-based data cables, hybrid cablesminiature cables as well as molded plugs, grommets and y-splitters

Our endoscopy cables and cable systems can contribute to enhancing patient comfort and achieving lasting sterility of flexible endoscopes, thanks to the use of biocompatible materials, individual designs or structures with extremely small diameters.

Our own jacket material improves the stick-slip behavior of our silicone cables – without any additional surface treatment. Tricky spots are fully sealed by overmolding with silicone, thermoplastics or thermoplastic elastomers. We mold incorporated connectors with such matched materials as epoxy resin, adhesive or silicone. Standard and special methods for testing our connections round off our endoscopy portfolio. For example, we test for the number of fibers, distribution, light loss and impermeability of the light source with our in-house fiber bundle tests.

How you benefit:

  • One development and systems partner for complete endoscopy cable systems with ideally harmonized components and final function tests. 
  • Durable and sustainable with endoscopy systems that are sterilizable using the most common methods: our cable systems are resistant to chemicals and heat, and are, for example, autoclaveable for up to 1,000 cycles. 
  • Use of biocompatible materials up to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993: alongside silicone, we process TPU, ETFE and FEP.
  • Our silicone cables with improved stick-slip behavior are REACH (SVHC) compliant, latex free, BSE/TSE compliant (nothing of animal origin) as well as free from phthalates and Bisphenol A.
  • Sources of electrical and mechanical interference are covered: our endoscopy cables are electromagnetically compatible and low noise, highly flexible, tension resistant and have no reset force. Our fiber bundles are extremely bendable thanks to miniaturized single fibers.
  • Short-notice availability of small, medium-sized and large batches

Our high performance cables offer significant benefits in


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