BizLink PULSAR Platform

BizLink PULSAR Platform - designed from the start to be SAFE and ACCURATE! 

BizLink PULSAR Platform

Designed to application - the ultrasafe & precise range of robotic arms for your medical and para-medical applications.

Why a platform? Because the PULSAR design philosophy is "custom development according to the unique requirements of your clinical applications."
We have developed technological bricks as such as joints and software which allows us to create an unlimited variety of combinations and kinematics.

More than just a supplier, we are your technology partner!

  • Compliant with the medical device QMS
  • Ready for integration

Range of features

  • Full system redundancy for safety
  • User-friendly API for easy systems integration
  • Multi-robot controller option
  • Customized kinematics solutions 

Range of options

  • Collision avoidance
  • Absolute accuracy calibration
  • Coupling system
  • Embedded 3D vision 

Interview at MEDICA trade show 2023

Global redundancies:

  • Double controllers for joints monitoring
  • Cross-checking controllers
  • Double communication pipe from customer

Local redundancies:

  • Double joint collision detection
  • Double joint state verification
  • Double local monitoring
  • Double brake system


  • Application safety through all levels
  • Improve treatment qualitiy for clients
  • Your perfect robot for your application
  • Win an automation partner not only a supplier


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