Medical cable assemblies

Cable assemblies for medical applications

We specialize in the individual assembly of strands, copper bulk cables, miniaturized cables, and custom medical cables with a big variety of terminations, connectors and joining techniques

Every assembly is made under the highest quality standards ranging from drag chain suitable cables mounted inside a patient bed, which are exposed to constant mechanical stress, up to smooth silicone endoscopy cables applied in an operating room under very demanding hygienical conditions or highly complex C-arm assemblies supplying signals, data, power, light and even media like cooling water through one cable.  

    • Wide variety of possible combinations with precisely coordinated components and different joining techniques 
    • Secure and long-lasting connection of your product functions in line with electrical and mechanical interference compliance with VDE standards, AWM-styles and UL-approved components 
    • Customer-specific and application-optimized
    • Fast, simple and secure installation thanks to connection-ready cables with connectors that cannot be confused and fixed cable laying points 
    • A single development and system partner with a product value chain that is unique in the cable industry
    • Fast availability of small, medium and large batches

    Our tailor-made cable assemblies offer significant advantages in many medical applications



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