BizLink ORION First Presence at CMEF Shanghai

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Changzhou, China - The improving result in healing cancer with radiotherapy treatment increases its worldwide demand and hence waiting time. Faster processes become more essential, and highly accurate treatment is always vital. Patient positioning systems can considerably contribute to the fulfilment of these requirements.


As a worldwide solution provider for reliable industrial robotic as well as healthcare applications, BizLink’s extensive product and service portfolio encompasses not only cable and cable systems, but also software development, programming, machine vision systems, and automated systems and training. Having been in close contact with oncology treatment centres and radiotherapy integrators for the past several years, BizLink developed a new paradigm in patient positioning for the medical industry: BizLink ORION. It is the preferred choice of many integrators and treatment
centers worldwide with FDA cleared and CE marked. This year, for the first time in China BizLink will present BizLink ORION on CMEF Shanghai 2023. 

BizLink ORION system is fully designed to fulfil medical needs. It provides multiple benefits, all targeting quick and precise treatment: It offers dynamic positioning control in six degrees of freedom with sub-millimeter accuracy. The system decreases the per patient treatment cycle time by offering the possibility of preparing the patient outside the treatment room through the tool changer. Moreover, it features a high patient weight capacity and installs quickly and easily in new and existing radiotherapy centers. In addition, it is flexible and easy to use, which allows clinical staffs to provide the greatest level of patient care. On top, it saves the treatment center and the patient time, costs and excess radiation caused by more x-ray images than really needed.

CMEF Shanghai will take place during May 14-17, 2023. We would like to extend a warm invitation to you to visit us on BizLink booth 4.1H, H05 and communicate with our experts directly on site in more details. Or you can reach us via for assistance.

BizLink Orion 贸联患者摆位系统将首次亮相 CMEF 2023上海医博会

随着放射疗法治愈癌症的效果明显得到改善,其全球需求也相应增加,进而导致患者排队等待治疗的时间拉长。人们更迫切得期望在保证至始至终更高精度治疗的同时,能得到更快的治疗过程。BizLink Orion 贸联患者摆位系统适时而生,能极大满足这些需求。

作为全球可靠的工业机器人和医疗领域的解决方案提供商,BizLink 贸联广泛的产品和服务组合不仅包括电缆和电缆系统,还包括软件开发、编程、机器视觉系统以及自动化系统和培训。在过去的几年里,BizLink 贸联与世界一流肿瘤治疗中心和主流的放射治疗集成商保持着密切联系,研发出BizLink Orion 患者摆位系统。它获得了美国FDA和欧洲CE双认证,是世界上许多系统集成公司和治疗中心的首选。今年,BizLink Orion 患者摆位系统将首次亮相 CMEF 2023 上海医博会。

BizLink Orion 是一种基于机器人的患者摆位系统,可在患者治疗时进行姿态灵活的摆位和高精度的定位控制(绝对精度为0.5毫米),定义了前所未有的放射治疗新标准。Orion 患者摆位系统的临床价值在于直观操作的系统解决方案,可完美连接所有硬件和软件。机器人的床板更换系统支持多种型号的床板,满足不同的治疗需求。最重要的是,它为肿瘤治疗中心和患者节省了时间、成本,并减少了相关人员受到多余 X 射线成像的辐射。

欲了解更多有关 BizLink Orion 患者摆位系统的技术参数及其他信息,敬请莅临CMEF 2023 上海医博会(2023年5月14-17日)贸联展位4.1H, H05,一睹Orion 真容,并与我们的专家现场深入交流。