Patient positioning
BizLink Robotic Solutions France achieves milestone with the delivery of 100th ORION patient positioning system

Celebrating a decade of excellence in revolutionizing patient positioning in cancer treatment

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Chartres, France, 10 January 2024 - BizLink, a leading global interconnect solutions provider proudly announces the successful delivery of their 100th ORION patient positioning system, marking a significant achievement in advancing precision cancer treatment worldwide. 

Named after the prominent constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere, ORION has emerged as a rising star in the field of robotic patient positioning systems. This month, BizLink Robotic Solutions France reached a milestone by delivering the 100th ORION robot to IBA, a global leader in particle therapy technology headquartered in Belgium. The jubilee celebration took place at BizLink Robotic Solutions France in Chartres, highlighting the collaborative success of both organizations.

The accomplishment extends beyond mere sales success; it signifies a commitment to providing cancer patients with the best possible treatment. BizLink Robotic Solutions France has established a new paradigm in patient positioning for the medical industry with the ORION system, offering real-time monitoring, correction of patient position in relation to the treatment beam, and seamless integration into new and existing radiotherapy centers.

BizLink's competencies and know-how, grown over decades as a worldwide solution provider for industrial robotics and healthcare applications, have paved the way for ORION's success. The extensive product and service portfolio, including cable and cable systems, software development, programming and sensor technology positions BizLink as a reliable partner in the medical industry. 

The ORION patient positioning system boasts unparalleled benefits for patients, integrators, and treatment centers, such as easy installation, user-friendly operation for clinical staff, and exceptional accuracy, even for very heavy patients. The system's global reach has expanded since its introduction in 2012, with installations in 20 countries, including Argentina, China, Italy, the USA, and many more.

The success story of the ORION system reflects the dedication and teamwork of BizLink Robotic Solutions France's Healthcare Robotics Team. Each system sold represents an opportunity to provide patients with the best possible cancer treatment. Today, the company celebrates not just a numerical milestone but a decade of transformative impact on cancer care.

"We are thrilled about the great teamwork and success of our Healthcare Robotics Team, especially because each system sold stands for many patients getting the best possible cancer treatment – that is what we really celebrate today!" said Claude Burlot, Managing Director at BizLink Robotic Solutions France.